Our Glowing Reviews (or atleast a few!)

"I thought my wife was crazy when she suggested that I use your Aftershave on my shaven head! Now, I love this stuff!"

~D.L., Massachusetts

"The Lemongrass tealights smell SO much better than the store-bought citronella ones! It smells  just like fresh lemons - and keeps the bugs away! Thanks!"

~L.C., Maine

“This is actually what he (my hubby) said, 'Tell that lady that her shave gel is my favorite thing. We need to always have some.'”  

~C. C. (& hubby J. C.)

"I bought the Mango Peach Bliss body spray for my daughter. All I can say is, thank goodness I think it smells great too, because she wears it all the time! "

~T.C., Massachusetts

“I had no idea what to get my sister for her babies (yes, twins!) shower. Then I remembered the gift basket I received for my birthday from her that had the lotion I will NEVER live without! One quick call to place the order, and I walked in with a personalized baby basket that stole hearts! It even lit up!! The best part was that the lotions in the basket were ok to use on those four completely adorable, tiny feet! 

~J.F-R., TX

"Your massage oils are an EXCELLENT product, at an EXTREMELY fair price! I adore the Cedarwood & Patchouli. It's earthy, warm, and downright SEXY!"   

~R.LS., Maine

"I use your Body Oil as a moisturizer after I shave my legs. Not only does it leave my skin super smooth and soft all day, but the scent seems to lasts just as long! Bring on the shorts!"

~R.M., New Hampshire

"I am so addicted to your products! I use the Linen & Room Spray to freshen up my yoga mat. I LOVE the Massage & Body Oil. I love how it completely moisturizes and softens my skin all day long - without that greasy feeling! Your scents are so amazing too!"

~F.L., NYC

"My husband surprised me with a "Glowing" Gift Basket on our Anniversary! All I could say was WOW! Each item was carefully laid in a perfect heart-shaped basket, with a mini rose bouquet centerpiece that lit up beautifully! Thank-you!"

~C.W., Connecticut